Japan's Munehiro Kaneko earned the title of Asia's top all-round athlete, and Persian Gulf states runners and South Korean shooters helped slow China's gold medal romp in the Games in Beijing.

For the first time in the week-old competition, China won fewer than half of the day's golds.

Former quadruple gold medalist P.T. Usha of India missed out on her second chance for a gold, as China ran away from the Indians in the women's 1,600-meter relay, breaking India's Games record.

Overall, China won only 10 of the day's 24 golds -- four in shooting, two in judo and one each in track and field, cycling, men's sabre team fencing and the Chinese martial art of wushu, making its debut in these Games.

That boosted its gold total to 111, to 24 for Japan, 23 for South Korea and nine for North Korea. The Chinese had 197 medals in all, followed by Japan's 117, South Korea's 86 and North Korea's 51.

Japan and South Korea each won five golds yesterday. Japan had two in track and field, two in cycling and one in judo. South Korea won three in shooting and one each in judo and weightlifting.