Boston Herald reporter Lisa Olson was back in the press box at Foxboro Stadium yesterday, covering the National Football League game between the New York Jets and New England Patriots, but the controversy surrounding her allegations that she was sexually harassed by players in the Patriots locker room on Sept. 17 showed no sign of ending.

Patriots owner Victor Kiam met privately for 90 minutes yesterday with Olson, and also said on NBC's pregame show "NFL Live" that he would be making "mammoth changes" in the team's management because he had been misled "by my own people" about the seriousness of the incident.

Pressed by broadcaster Bob Costas about the status of Patriots General Manager Patrick Sullivan, Kiam would only say: "I think there will be changes in the ultimate responsibility at the Patriots. No question about that." Kiam also called on other Patriots to come forward with information about the incident.

Later in the day, the Patriots announced that Kiam, who also owns Remington Products Inc., would be bringing in Bob Romano, a vice president with the electric shaver company, to take over as the Patriots' chief financial officer to run day-to-day operations of the club.

Olson has said that, on Sept. 17, several naked Patriots players, including tight end Zeke Mowatt, surrounded her in the locker room and made lewd comments while she was conducting interviews. Kiam originally brushed aside the comments, saying "it was a flyspeck in the ocean," and also was heard by several reporters to have described Olson as "a classic bitch," a statement he has denied making.

NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said he will announce today the name of a special counsel who will investigate the incident. Tagliabue also said yesterday that he had asked Kiam to hold off taking any action within his organization until the special counsel completes his work, and that Kiam said he would comply with the request.

"He should keep the status quo in place in terms of his personnel with the Patriots," Tagliabue said in an interview with NBC.

"I think at this point we've had a lot of apologies," Tagliabue said, "and I think . . . we'd be better off waiting for the special counsel to start interviewing people quietly, confidentially, thoroughly, and then reach some judgments. . . . I told all the Patriots players that any one of them who wants to speak with me directly will be able to do that."

Kiam placed full-page advertisements Sunday in the Boston Globe and New York Times. The ads said, "There's no excuse for what happened in the locker room."

He said yesterday his initial statements about Olson were "based on information forwarded to me from the personnel of the Patriots. More disheartening, perhaps, than anything is my response through this whole terrible, terrible situation has been done on the basis that I knew nothing, absolutely nothing, about this incident until Saturday morning {Sept. 23}, six days after the event."

Olson, who also appeared on the NBC show, said Kiam's apology "was a start. The players involved need to be identified. . . . I understand Victor Kiam was not aware of the severity. The fact that he wasn't even notified . . . Coach Rod Rust was not even notified by Patriots management until one of our reporters told him and asked what was going to happen."

There was another NBC report indicating that Olson within the next two weeks would be taken off the Patriots beat and reassigned to covering the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association.

Herald sports editor Bob Sales said no decision has been made on that issue. "I will ask Lisa how she feels about covering guys who have brutalized her," Sales said. "Certainly her feelings are paramount in deciding her future assignments. Switching her to the Celtics is an option. But we would decide that at the proper time."

Sales said Tagliabue's decision to appoint a special counsel was "a step in the right direction. I'm just concerned that this counsel act quickly. We need swift and sure justice. This is not Pete Rose betting baseball. It would be prudent for her and for us to get it behind us. We need some decency here."