Having lost two games by one point and tied another, Ballou was one second from another tough loss. Behind by 26-20, Ballou was at the Coolidge 5 and had time for one play. Coach Frank Young called for a square out pass to wide receiver Mose Ware. Lined up wide to the left, Ware ran 10 yards forward, faked inside and cut sharply to his left. Quarterback Mark Dozier put the ball on the money and Ware had the tying touchdown. "He was covered as close as possible. But he made a good move to get open and got a perfect pass," Young said.

Opting for a two-point conversion, Young called another pass play. Tailback Anthony Moore came out of the backfield on the right side, ran by the linebacker into the end zone and turned back. Dozier rolled right and threw to Moore as soon as he turned. The play worked perfectly and Ballou had its first win, 28-26.

"Hopefully this is the start. We had lost some tough games and we needed this one real bad," Young said.


Good Counsel led St. John's, 7-0, when the Cadets recovered a fumble at their 42 with three minutes left in the third period. On first down, St. John's wide receiver Kristian Yangas lined up wide left. Quarterback Kevin Gibbs faked a handoff to tailback Corey Smith, spun around and handed the ball to Yangas, coming back on an end reverse. Good Counsel was caught off guard as Yangas picked up blocks and dashed 25 yards down the sideline to the 17.

Two runs by Smith put the ball at the 2. Gibbs ran it in and St. John's trailed, 7-6. Gibbs ran in the conversion and St. John's was headed for a 10-7 win.