Attorneys for wide receiver Ricky Sanders may have succeeded in getting his Houston trial for assault with a motor vehicle delayed until after the football season.

Attorney Wendell Odom said yesterday the original Oct. 29 trial date has definitely been delayed "and that we're hoping to have it moved to after the football season. That's important to Ricky and we're working at it. We don't have another trial date yet, but hopefully we're moving in that direction."

Sanders will have to appear in Houston for a motions hearing on Oct. 29 -- the day after the Redskins play the New York Giants in the Meadowlands -- but he can return home that night.

Sanders faces two charges of assault in connection with a May 1 incident in the parking lot of a Houston bar. He and a parking lot attendant argued over a missing hubcap and the attendant, Sam Jamus, has charged that Sanders tried to run him down with his auto.

Sanders has denied striking Jamus and the Redskins have been skeptical of the charges since a criminal complaint was sworn out 2 1/2 months after the incident after attempts to obtain a financial settlement from Sanders had failed.One for the Books

The Redskins were still doing research yesterday, but they believe this may be the first time their offense has gone four straight games without a turnover.

The Redskins have one turnover in four games, that on Brian Mitchell's fumble on a kickoff return. Otherwise, Redskins rushers have carried the ball 112 times without a fumble and Mark Rypien and Stan Humphries have thrown six touchdown passes and no interceptions.

After four games last season, the Redskins had lost seven fumbles and thrown four interceptions.

Their plus-nine turnover ratio is the best in the league. The Giants, Bears and Chiefs are at plus-eight. The Colts and Saints are at minus-seven.