EMMITSBURG, MD., OCT. 3 -- Thursday is supposed to be E-Day in Washington, as in examination day for John Williams. The injured Bullet was supposed to fly from Los Angeles Wednesday to be in town for the examination by Steve Haas, Washington's team physician.

After Haas examines Williams's right knee, he will issue a statement through General Manager John Nash.

"Our expectation is that John is probably not going to be able {to play} immediately," Nash said. "But we'd like to reserve further comment until we see him. . . . There are a number of different possibilities and ways in which we can continue to have him rehab and condition himself. He can do it here, he can do it there, he can play basketball in a gym, drills maybe. These are the things that I have to ask the doctor, and once he sees John and sees how far away he is we'll be able to make a decision."

The Bullets have talked a little with Phoenix regarding Jayson Williams, the 6-foot-9 forward who's so alienated the Suns with possible European offers that they have cut off negotiations and put a one-year contract on the table for the NBA minimum, $170,000. . . .

The John Williams and Ledell Eackles situations have forced Coach Wes Unseld to be even more aware of the early days of camp. Normally these days are for seeing who's in shape, but if Williams and holdout Eackles are gone for extended periods of time, the Bullets have to take stronger looks at the abilities of the players here.

Unseld said he isn't upset with Williams or Eackles, but isn't waiting around for them either.

"It's very easy with me," he said. "That's one of my biggest faults. Out of sight, out of mind. . . . The only reason I don't have all those feelings is that I have possibly seen everything in this league. Some people come up to me and say, 'Man, I can't understand a guy making that kind of money that won't do this.' This is not the first time we've seen this. I think I understand everything and then I don't understand it. So I'm not annoyed, I'm not frustrated with it."

Pass the Wedding Cake

Mark Alarie was the second veteran to report early to camp. "I hated to shock my system by coming in on Friday and going twice a day," he said. "I figured it's probably better for me both mentally and physically to come in and slowly approach this. I think it definitely helped me last year; I had a pretty good camp."

He's around 234 pounds (after getting married over the summer), just a couple of pounds over his ideal playing weight, which he'll get to easily after a few two-a-days.

"I wouldn't say that I played a lot of basketball, but I did work on shooting," he said, "just tried to build my body up in the weight room." . . .

Tom Hammonds reported late this afternoon; all veterans are due in Thursday night. Unseld said he would make no cuts until rookies and free agents play against veterans.