EMMITSBURG, MD., OCT. 4 -- Tom Hammonds may get a look at small forward this season, Bullets Coach Wes Unseld said today. The 6-foot-9, 225-pound Hammonds played mostly power forward last season and struggled most of the time with bigger, stronger opponents.

"I'm not saying that he will be" a small forward, Unseld said. "I'm just going to look at it. If I look at him, realistically {it's} his size. We put him at {power forward} because that's the style of play he played in college. Now we're just trying to see if he might have to make an adjustment, just because of his size."

"I think I can handle that," Hammonds said. "I'm putting the ball on the floor a lot more and taking it to the hole a lot more now than I was last year. That's something I prepared for over the summer, putting the ball on the floor and working on my ballhandling skills."

Last season's training camp was a harsh one for Hammonds. He developed muscle pulls right away, started off behind the other players and never really caught up.

"I'm more mentally prepared {this season} than anything," he said. "Last year I was coming in and I didn't really know what to expect. I was going to try to work as hard as I could, and that was it. But I prepared myself mentally over the summer for the worst, just going through with it. That's what I think is going to be the big difference this year."

However, Hammonds and rookie center Greg Foster were the only players unable to complete the mile and a half run after the morning practice. Hammonds cramped up after completing two-thirds of the run. Perennial winner Bernard King was first with a time of about 8 minutes 35 seconds; free agent forward Ron Draper (American University) was second.

Ellison Misses Practice

Pervis Ellison couldn't make his first practice with the Bullets. He came down with strep throat on the way here. Trainer John Lally took one look at Ellison and excused him for the day. He's expected back Saturday.

Also on the injury front, Michel Bonebo injured his right hamstring in the morning and didn't practice in the afternoon. . . .

Guard Tony Harris still was out of camp for today's practices. His mother suffered a stroke Wednesday and the Bullets were expecting him here late today, although they obviously will allow him whatever time he needs.