In his Sept. 27 column ("Passing Time {Yaaawn} With Pastoral Pastime"), Tony Kornheiser reveals, in 1,000 yards or more, that he has no regard for the game of baseball. I realize that his focus is the 1990 season, but the article is decidedly an attack on the sport itself.

I'm an admitted baseball addict, with no interest in recovering, but I certainly would not attempt to convert Tony. His lack of sensibility for "the game" runs too deep. As clear evidence, I offer the following Kornheiser quote: "Baseball '90 was butter knife dull." Tony has declared the season is over despite that, going into the final weekend, only one of the four division titles had been decided. As of midnight on the day of his article, the AL East reflected an absolute deadlock after 156 games. Wasn't Sept. 27 a bit early to close the book on baseball '90? Would Tony leave a Redskins game in the fourth quarter with the score tied?

Kornheiser concludes by lamenting the length of the baseball season. He writes that "when your team is out of it early, such as our Baltimores were, 162 is an eternity." Such moaning constitutes final proof that Tony is neither a faithful fan of the Orioles nor of baseball in general. Those of us who grew up with the Washington Senators over a period of 25 years (1946-71) saw only two first- division teams. Yet we were fiercely loyal to "our team." We accepted the fact, without sadness, that the "Nats" frequently fell into prolonged losing streaks and that, in normal times, would win one of three. Our spirits were dampened only by the true end of the season, as indicated on our official schedules. For the genuine fan, the "eternity" of which Kornheiser speaks is the time between baseball seasons. Alan D. Mason Bethesda

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