Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent said a lawsuit filed on behalf of George Steinbrenner is an attempt to put into a bad light an agreement Steinbrenner signed that prevents him from suing the commissioner's office.

"I think {the suit} is an imbecilic act which reflects enormous concern on his part about an agreement he signed," Vincent said in Pittsburgh, where he was attending the National League playoffs.

Steinbrenner's attorney filed the suit last week against the firm that handled the transcript of the hearing concerning the dealings of the former New York Yankees general partner with self-described gambler Howard Spira.

Steinbrenner accepted the commissioner's findings that his dealings with Spira were not in the best interests of baseball. As a result, he yielded daily control of the Yankees and signed an agreement preventing him from suing the commissioner's office.

However, the lawsuit contends the testimony was changed after the fact to make Steinbrenner look bad.

"He obviously doesn't like the agreement and he's desperate to find ways of attacking it," Vincent said. "He said in an agreement he would accept the findings; he would not attack it. And it's disturbing he's doing what he is doing."