OH SEE CAN YOU SAY: Don't expect Jack Buck to be invited to any Polish Cultural Society functions any time soon.

The CBS announcer was criticized this week for a remark he made after Bobby Vinton botched "The Star Spangled Banner" before Tuesday's National League playoff game at Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Stadium.

"Well, when you're Polish and live in Pittsburgh, you can do anything you want with the words," Buck said after Vinton, who is from nearby Canonsburg, stumbled through the song, but still received a warm applause.

Buck's reference to Pittsburgh and Vinton's heritage upset Lawrence R. Wujcikowski, president of the Polish Falcons of America, a national group based in Pittsburgh.

"If he wanted to comment on Mr. Vinton's singing, then he should have done that," Wujcikowski told the Associated Press. "But he could have left being Polish and living in Pittsburgh out of it."

Buck said he didn't mean any harm, telling Pittsburgh radio station KDKA, "On the heels of the national anthem, I tried to pay a compliment to Bobby Vinton and it didn't come out right.

"I was saying that if he messed it up, that's okay because everybody loves him. And he did mess it up, didn't he?"

Wujcikowski compared Buck's comments to those made by former CBS commentator Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder, who lost his job two years ago after making off-the-air remarks about black athletes.

But Wujcikowski said he wasn't trying to get Buck fired.

"Every artist has a style, whether it's rock, whether it's country and western or whether it's Bobby Vinton style or Frank Sinatra style," he said. "That's his style -- that's the way he sings it."

NOTES: Since CBS does not have an American League playoff game to show Saturday afternoon, the Syracuse-Penn State football game has been moved from 3:30 to 2. . . . HTS will carry a game between Winston-Salem State and North Carolina Central on tape Sunday at 1. It replaces California at Arizona State, to be shown Tuesday.

"This Is the NFL," NFL Films's weekly program, will have a feature on the Washington Redskins' receiving trio, the Posse, Saturday at 1:30 on Channel 9. . . . Channel 5 has produced a half-hour show, "Redskins '90: Back on Track," that can be seen tonight at 7:30.