HEBERT SUES: QB Bobby Hebert filed a lawsuit against the Raiders, claiming they did not sign him because of the NFL's system of first refusal-compensation, which he contends is illegal. His contract with the Saints expired in February, but the team retains his rights.

He says the Raiders told him they would have signed him but for the rule that allows a player's old team to match the offer sheet or demand a draft choice as compensation from the player's new team. According to the suit, no team was willing to make an offer under those guidelines.

Packers QB Don Majkowski, Jets RB Freeman McNeil and others have a similar suit in New Jersey.

FANS HELP WYCHE: Bengals fans are chipping in to help Coach Sam Wyche pay the estimated $30,000 fine for his refusal to let a female reporter into the team's locker room following an Oct. 1 loss in Seattle.

A window replacement company in Cincinnati that uses Wyche as a spokesman has placed an ad in the Cincinnati Enquirer and Cincinnati Post, asking the public to contribute to the "Sam Wyche Fine Fund."


Beer won't be sold at Sunday's Seahawks-Raiders game at the Los Angeles Coliseum, a Coliseum Commission panel announced.

The decision was announced a day after the district attorney's office filed felony charges against Shane Christopher Geringer, 19, a Raiders fan who allegedly beat up a Steelers follower during a game at the Coliseum on Sept. 23. Geringer is free on $30,000 bail.


The Seahawks put LB Ned Bolcar (knee injury) on IR and signed free agent LB Dave Ahrens. . . . Chargers activated DE Gerald Robinson and released DB Michael Brooks. . . . Lions put K Eddie Murray on IR and signed K Rich Karlis.