NEW HAVEN, CONN., OCT. 13 -- The Washington Bullets still are unbeaten in preseason, but not because of their court exploits. Their exhibition opener with the New Jersey Nets was canceled tonight due to an extremely wet floor at New Haven Coliseum.

New Haven's minor league hockey team played Friday night and fog swirled onto the surface. It was so bad that the doors to the Coliseum had to be opened. It rained all day in New Haven today, and the combination of rain outside and air inside produced moisture that settled on the floor.

When the Bullets arrived from Farmington, a suburb of Hartford, around 6 p.m., they found the Nets sitting in street clothes. For the next hour or so, both teams sat around the court, while a lone air fan tried to dry up all the condensation.

Such things are part of the NBA's exhibition season, when games are played in cities with bad floors or inexperienced staffs. Nature was the only culprit here, however.

"I wanted to get some exercise in," Bullets guard Darrell Walker said. "But another day {off} doesn't hurt my wheels at all. It's probably a blessing in disguise for me."

Ironically, the game wasn't even supposed to be played here. It was scheduled for Princeton, but at the request of the Nets, it was moved here for a benefit former player John Williamson, who is ailing.

There is a possibility the game could be made up, but it's not likely considering both teams' schedules. The Bullets play in Richmond Sunday, then Iowa City Tuesday. New Jersey plays in Toledo Tuesday, then Chapel Hill, N.C., Saturday, then Syracuse, N.Y., Oct. 23.

"We'll wait and get back with Washington," Nets Vice President Willis Reed said, "and our coaches and the arena to see if there's any possible thing that works."

The Bullets were promised an undisclosed sum to make the appearance here. The Nets picked up their plane costs, and whether they want to do that again may be a big part in deciding whether the game is ever rescheduled.

"We'll work that out with the Nets," Bullets General Manager John Nash said of the payment.

" . . . It's unlikely that we'd reschedule a full-fledged game because of the travel. If there's an open date and we both feel like doing something, maybe we will."