Sooner or later, Peter Bondra will overcome his anxiety to score and actually do it.

Bondra was the leading scorer for Kosice, his former team in the Czechoslovakian Elite League, and was the surprise of the Washington Capitals' training camp. He has the instincts of a scorer, but in two regular season games he has missed on several fine chances.

Bondra's overriding desire to please the Capitals might be getting in his way. Normally a smooth skater, he found himself alone in front of the goal Friday night against Winnipeg. He nearly fell down before getting off a shot that was stopped.

"He wants to do so so well, sometimes he ends up trying to do something and doesn't relax," Coach Terry Murray said. "Goal-scorers have to relax and have soft hands. Right now, he's gripping the stick a little too tight." Liut Due for a Rest

Goalie Mike Liut has started all five games this season, including last night's against the New York Rangers.

"I feel all right," Liut said beforehand. "You do what you have to do. Things will calm down after this week."

By then, Don Beaupre should be ready to share the chores. Beaupre played Friday night for Baltimore, which defeated Fredericton, 5-2. Beaupre was also scheduled to play for the Skipjacks last night. Leach Remains Shaky

Steve Leach (concussion) was not able to play last night. . . . In reviewing performances, Capitals coaches usually look at a tape of the television broadcast. But Friday night they began using a separate video camera to isolate on the defensive end of the ice. With a higher angle, it offered a different perspective on positioning.