STATE COLLEGE, PA., OCT. 13 -- A rivalry that began in 1922 came to a close today, and Penn State bid farewell to Syracuse with a 27-21 victory at Beaver Stadium.

Traditional rivals for eastern football supremacy, the schools will go their separate ways. Big Ten-bound Penn State finished ahead, 40-23-5, in the series ended when Syracuse refused Penn State's offer of playing six of the next 10 games here, instead of straight home-and-home as usual.

Tony Sacca and Sam Gash led Penn State to its third straight win after an 0-2 start. Sacca hit 14 of 26 passes for 183 yards. Fullback Gash, who had been overshadowed by tailbacks Leroy Thompson and Gary Brown, stepped forward with 78 yards on nine carries.

Coach Dick MacPherson said his Syracuse team (2-2-2) was in good position at halftime, after closing from 17-6 to 17-14, but second-half mistakes were the difference.

Syracuse barred a female student reporter from its locker room, forcing her to decide if all other reporters would be banned.

Suzanne Yohannan, 21, an assistant sports editor of Penn State's Daily Collegian, said she was told "the players could be brought out . . . and the locker room itself would be closed to everyone, or the locker room would be open to all of the press except me."

She chose the second option.

Larry Kimball, sports information director, said Syracuse has a set policy: "The locker room is either open to everybody or no one. . . . If a woman wants to go in . . . the locker room is closed to everyone and the players are brought out."