Jim Hage, a lawyer from Lanham, Md., and two students from Leningrad who crossed the finish line holding hands, won the men's and women's divisions of the Army 10 Miler road race, each setting course records.

Hage surged away from Darrell General of Mitchellville, Md., who last year was the fastest American finisher in the Boston Marathon, at seven miles and won in 49 minutes 30 seconds.

Olga Markova and Abbina Garriamova, competitors from rival sports schools in Leningrad who accepted the invitation of American friends to run in the United States for the next month, finished in the same time, 58:14. Markova was declared the winner.

Hage and General, longtime local competitors, caught up with leader Ken Halla of Vienna at three miles. The three ran together, averaging 4:55-minute miles until the short ramp up to the 14th Street Bridge from East Potomac Park.

"I could feel them sort of slide. I could feel them get soft and I'm confident more than most up hills," said Hage. "Darrell started coming back, I heard him working hard. I said, 'Shoot' and pushed it for a half-mile and tried to hang on. Everybody was waiting for Darrell to go, but the last two miles I was feeling pretty good." RESULTS Men

1, Jim Hage, Lanham, 49:30; 2, Darrell General, Mitchellville, Md., 49:54; 3, Ken Halla, Vienna, 50:22; 4, Farley Simon, Springfield, 50:56; 5, Sean Fitzwilliam, Troy, Ala., 51:22; 6, Michael Regan, Washington, 51:28; 7, Bill Courtney, Alexandria, 51:54; 8, Michael Trunkes, New York, 52:22; 9, Louis Poore, Silver Spring, 52:26; 10, Robert Brooks, Fort Huachuca, Ariz., 52:32. Women

1, Olga Markova, Leningrad, USSR, 58:14; 2, Abbina Garriamova, Leningrad, USSR, 58:14; 3, Clarice Marana, Fort Jackson, S.C., 1:00:18; 4, Ruth O'Hara, Alexandria, 1:02:32; 5, MaryBeth Allan, Washington, 1:03:20; 6, Shelley Burns, Arlington, 1:03:35; 7, Kelly Watkins, Salt Lake City, 1:04:11; 8, Mary McCullough, Falls Church, 1:04:16; 9, Sander Williams, Woodbridge, 1:04:17; 10, Mary Gaylord, Alexandria, 1:04:17.