The Washington Redskins, as expected made a change in their offensive line in yesterday's 24-20 loss to the Giants.

The Redskins moved Raleigh McKenzie in at right guard for Mark Schlereth. The move comes as they seem to have backed off their early plans to rotate eight offensive linemen.

The starting lineup went most of the way today, with backups Schlereth and Joe Jacoby playing only briefly.

Backup guard Mark Adickes was on the two-man inactive list for the fourth time. He was active in Week 3 against Dallas, but didn't play. Humphries' Injury Minor

Quarterback Stan Humphries was hit on his left knee on the next-to-last play and was limping slightly after the game.

The Redskins didn't consider the injury serious enough to be included in the injury list and it appears likely Humphries will take part in all practices this week.

Other injuries will be evaluated today.

Greg Manusky and Joe Howard suffered sprained shoulders and knees. Russ Grimm had back spasms. And Kurt Gouveia had a pinched nerve in his shoulder. Orr Back, as Fan

The Redskins cut tight end Terry Orr Saturday when backup quarterback Jeff Rutledge was activated. However, Orr attended yesterday's game and Coach Joe Gibbs said Orr would be re-signed at the first opportunity. Stars for Theismann, Riggins

The Redskins announced the names of Joe Theismann and John Riggins will be added to the Hall of Stars at RFK Stadium during a ceremony before next Sunday's game. Simms Is a Constant

While Phil Simms quarterbacked the Giants through the 1980s, the Redskins have had four different starters since Lawrence Taylor ended Theismann's career in 1985. "That's a real tribute to Joe {Gibbs} that the Redskins can continue to play at that level," Parcells said. Gibbs joked: "Maybe I'll outlive {Simms}, but I'm beginning to doubt it."