Most offensive backs would complain if they touched the ball only four times in a game. Landon wingback Devin Griffin touched it four times against Southern of Garrett County last week and was overjoyed.

He had a game most players only dream about as he scored on 68- and 77-yard punt returns, caught a 29-yard touchdown pass and returned an interception 92 yards for a fourth touchdown, all in the first half of a 41-14 victory.

"I couldn't believe it," said Griffin, a 6-foot-1, 170-pound senior.

"I was very happy after the first one. At no point of that game did I think I would get a chance to score again.

"I had returned a few punts {as a junior} but it wasn't very far. Last year, I played wingback and some tailback, caught five passes and scored three touchdowns all season. So getting four in one game was a wonderful feeling. I felt pretty good and the guys and the coaches loved it. I have to give the special teams coach, Chet Janiga, the credit for those punt returns. I got great blocking and everything worked just the way he set it up."

"Since I'm playing wingback on offense and we are stressing our running game, I don't get to catch too many balls. Plus we have much more depth than last year. I enjoy playing wingback. I didn't have any individual goals; I just wanted us to win our games."

Longtime Landon Coach Lowell Davis jokingly said Griffin's marvelous afternoon came as a result of "great coaching."

"Games like that make us look good," said Davis, whose team is 3-2. "He had a heck of a day and Chet did the job with the special teams. We hadn't done much on special teams before Saturday so we thought we would try Devin back there. He has a good cool head; he's experienced, has good hands and quickness. He got some good blocks and made it work. He doesn't touch the ball a lot but how many players ever do what he did?"

Davis said his all-purpose senior came to him at the beginning of the season and asked to play both ways and be included in as many plays as possible since it was his final year at the Bethesda Interstate Athletic Conference school. Davis complied, penciling in Griffin as starting wingback and defensive back.

"His first interception of the year is returned 92 yards for a touchdown -- good coaching again," Davis said. "Our secondary has been very good against the pass, allowing something like 30 percent completions, and Devin has played both ways very well. He had a very good day against a good team and it pumped up the team."

Davis and Griffin are hoping last week was the beginning of a push for at least a share of the IAC title.

"We lost to Georgetown Prep {21-3} but we still think we are very much in the race," said Griffin, who also plays on the lacrosse team. "I hope people don't start looking for me."

Landon will play Pallotti next week, then will have an open date before playing its last IAC games with Episcopal and St. Albans.

In another coaching move, Davis said he will put Griffin back on kickoff returns this week.

"Based on his performance on the punts, we plan to put him back on kickoffs now," Davis said. "Coaches are great at making adjustments after the fact."