Wilson defeated Dunbar, 7-0, in an error-filled game yesterday at Wilson to gain sole possession of first place in the Interhigh West, following Coolidge's 32-15 loss to Cardozo.

Wilson (4-2-1) is the only 2-0 team in the division; Dunbar (4-4), Coolidge, Cardozo and Theodore Roosevelt are 1-1.

Both teams were troubled by fumbles, interceptions and an inability to cross the goal line. Wilson tipped the scales slightly by adjusting its play selection and formations to counter Dunbar's usually potent rushing game and negate the Crimson Tide's passing game. Dunbar turned over the ball several times within Wilson's 20-yard line.

"We were moving the ball well but had a lot of problems getting into the end zone," Crimson Tide Coach John Nunn said. "Wilson's defense would bend but it wouldn't break. The errors we committed today have haunted us all season. We just need to work on our passing game more and capitalize more near the end zone."

Tigers Coach Horace Fleming had much the same view: "Our defensive line and special teams really came through for us today and enabled us to take advantage of early breaks. We didn't get the scoring we should have gotten but our defensive line bent but didn't break, helping us make big plays when we needed them."

Wilson's score came with 4:36 left in the first quarter on a 12-yard run by the Interhigh's leading rusher, Antoine Boyd (830 yards, nine touchdowns). Dunbar had second down with 8:08 left in the quarter when Jamil Jenkins intercepted Marvin McClellan's pass and ran 40 yards for an apparent touchdown. But it was nullified because of a penalty and Wilson started at the Dunbar 20, setting up Boyd's score.

In the second quarter, Boyd (five carries for 107 yards) reinjured his collarbone bone that was broken last year against Coolidge. It happened when he was knocked out of bounds after a 55-yard run. Boyd was treated at Sibley Hospital for a slight separation of his collarbone and released.

"When I hit the ground I heard a 'pop' and I thought it was broken again because it sounded like it did when I broke it last year," Boyd said from the hospital, "but the doctors say it is just a slight separation."

"I got a little nervous when Antoine got hurt," Fleming said. "His going down took away some of our options, but we made some adjustments in the second half to hold on for the win."