Evidently, running is a hard habit to break. By the testimony of the men's and women's winners of yesterday's Brent Breakfast eight-kilometer road race on Capitol Hill, and that of a former Olympian, running is not something you bury in the closet with other college memories.

Carter Brown, a former Brown University track runner, Lane Tingle, a University of Kentucky runner, and former Olympian Robin Campbell are trying to keep the competitive fires burning by running in local road races. Brown and Tingle won the men's and women's divisions and Campbell finished third.

Brown, 22, who recently moved to Washington with hopes of working on the Hill, showed some college brash by leaving the crowd in the first half-mile and not varying his pace or form for the remaining 4 1/2 miles, winning in 25 minutes 14 seconds. Kirk Baird of Arlington was second in 25:21 and Andrew Cleary of Washington moved up to third in the third mile to finish there in 26:07.

"I was supposed to go fast two weeks ago in {the} Georgetown {10K} but I choked," said Brown. "I wanted to qualify for an Eikeden team my college was taking to Japan. But they're not taking me. I'm going to continue over the summer to try and qualify for the trip."

Tingle, 24, was a half-miler at Kentucky and is now a secretary at the Pentagon. At the start of the race, she turned on her Walkman, didn't pay attention to her times and ran 30:27.

"I'm going to try road running now. I like running -- I must if I want to torture myself like this," she said. "I took a couple years off after school and now I'm starting again to see if I can make some money."

Monica Grillo of Arlington finished second, 30:44. Campbell sneaked across the finish line in third, running 31:24. Later she confessed that this was her second race since she began training for the 1992 Olympics in July.

"I'm doing the nice nasty stuff now. I'm trying to do my overdistance," said Campbell, 31, who made the 1980 and 1984 Olympic teams in the 800 meters. "After all those years of running you get smart and you know to work on your weak areas. You know what you need to do. You get focused a little more."

Campbell, who works for the D.C. Public Schools athletic department, was sparked to return to the track after working and running with D.C. youth this summer.

"All of us who are coming back, we left because we wanted time to do all the other things we said the sport took away from us," she said. "Now, I just want to do it again."



1, Carter Brown, Washington, 25:14; 2, Kirk Baird, Arlington, 25:21; 3, Andrew Cleary, Washington, 26:07; 4, Terry McLoughlin, Spotsylvania, Va., 26:34; 5, Heinz Wiegand, Stanley, Va., 26:49; 6, Joel Frusmone, Washington, 27:10; 7, Max Crispi, Washington, 27:15; 8, Jean Marc Catzeff, Arlington, 27:18; 9, Leo Caffrey, Silver Spring, 27:24; 10, Mark Heesen, Washington, 27:25.


1, Lane Tingle, Woodbridge, 30:27; 2, Monica Grillo, Arlington, 30:44; 3, Robin Campbell, Washington, 31:24; 4, Robin Doster, Columbia, 31:51; 5, Jennifer McGrail, Arlington, 33:03; 6, Christine Condon, Washington, 33:34; 7, Claire Sylvia, Washington, 33:53; 8, Christine Fox, Reston, 34:20; 9, Cindy Gantmin, Washington, 34:43; 10, Patty Fiero, Oakton, 35:12.