The Philadelphia Eagles shot themselves down in yesterday's 13-7 loss at RFK Stadium with a remarkable collection of penalties. Afterward, they insisted they had been the victims of selective enforcement by the officials, who hit the Eagles with four major fouls while calling none against the Washington Redskins.

The Eagles' woes began on their first possession when wide receiver Fred Barnett's spectacular end-zone grab of a 49-yard pass from Randall Cunningham was nullified by a holding penalty against tackle Ron Heller.

The drive for the first of two field goals by Chip Lohmiller was aided by a 15-yard penalty against linebacker Byron Evans, who leveled quarterback Stan Humphries with a forearm. Lohmiller got close enough for a second field goal because 5-foot-10 cornerback Izel Jenkins, harassed downfield by 6-5 tackle Ed Simmons, grabbed Simmons's facemask.

For a final fillip, safety Wes Hopkins stepped off the Eagles' bench in the fourth quarter to berate the officials for not penalizing a late hit on Cunningham. The resulting unsportsmanlike conduct call produced a first-and-25 situation the Eagles could not overcome.

"That turned out to be a bad move," Hopkins said. "But the offensive linemen from the Redskins were trying to pick off people around piles the whole game. We complained to the refs; they ought to be able to see people diving on you and do something about it.

"You can be sure if we'd been doing the same thing, they'd have called it. If I come from behind and push {Stan} Humphries down, the way they did Randall, don't you think that would be a penalty?

"I can understand people will think I'm just saying this because we lost. But I'd be here saying the same thing if we'd won. I felt there were penalties that should have been called against them and they weren't."

Hopkins felt the publicity given to fellow safety Andre Waters's fine by the NFL this week had contributed to one-sided officials' calls and unusually rough play by the Redskins.

"We lost because of lack of scoring, lack of {forced} turnovers, lack of penalties on one side and penalties on the other side," Hopkins said. "Their linemen were coming late and maybe they were looking for Andre or maybe not. But we never had problems before where you had to watch yourself 20 yards downfield when the whistle is blown."

Asked what he said to the official, Hopkins replied, "Ask the ref." But Cunningham said, "Wes cursed him, that's for sure." Cunningham added, "The politics in football, you can't control. It seems like every time we go to New York, Washington or Dallas, the referees are for the other team."

Coach Buddy Ryan joined in the litany, saying, "Izel has a big lineman pushing him around and we get the penalty. Then they pushed our quarterback right in front of our bench, Wes mentioned something to the official, and we get the penalty. They did the same thing, but {line judge} Ben Dreith makes one call and not the other."

Of all the penalties, the hold by Heller had to have the most effect. If the Eagles had scored so dramatically so early, they might have been flying high the rest of the afternoon.

"That holding penalty came at an awful time," Ryan said.

On the Eagles' final possession, Barnett caught a nine-yard touchdown pass to spare the embarrassment of a shutout. But he made it clear it didn't make up for the earlier feeling of rising in the end zone and seeing the flag more than 50 yards away.

"That was very disappointing," Barnett said. "I prepared myself all week to go against Darrell Green, and then to make a play like that against him and get up and see it called back, that was hard to take."

The defeat obviously was hard to take, judging by the meager words of some of the Eagles' key performers.

Asked about his penalty, Jenkins said, "It's nothing worth commenting about," and turned away.

Kicker Roger Ruzek, asked about his failures on field goal attempts from 28 and 40 yards, grumbled, "Last week I had a good game and nobody wanted to talk to me. Why are all you reporters here now?"

Ryan somehow found consolation in his team's physical play, saying, "You can't knock our guys' effort. At least we made them punt; the Giants didn't. We're a good football team -- a playoff caliber team. We just have to win some football games."