Andre Waters, the Philadelphia Eagles' safety who was fined an undetermined amount for dirty play in Monday's game against Minnesota, had only one comment on the subject yesterday, repeated often to varying waves of questioners: "It was a raw deal and I'm going to appeal it."

The NFL has not disclosed the amount of the fine, saying only it is "a substantial amount."

Waters had nothing to say to Philadelphia television crews and cut off conversation with print reporters whenever a camera was activated.

"Philadelphia reporters know me and they know I just play a physical game," Waters explained. "Then they get on TV and dog me. I'm not going to say anything to guys like that."

After the TV types left, Waters insisted the fine had not altered his style of play, although he was credited with only four tackles yesterday and appeared to stop short when he had chances to rattle a Redskin.

"If a guy's already down, I can't hit him," Waters said. "I'm still the same Andre Waters. I'll give 100 percent on every play. If I let something like that bother me, I'm no good to the Philadelphia Eagles football club.

"The game is violent, like hand-to-hand combat in war, and if you're not tough enough to take it, you shouldn't be out there. I'm going to continue to play my game. If I have to hit somebody, I'll hit him, but I'm never trying to hurt anyone. If you're going out to hurt somebody, you shouldn't be playing this game."

Waters, like most of his teammates, felt the officials were affected by the story, which he said "was blown out of proportion," and called things more closely on the Eagles than on the Redskins. Philadelphia was penalized seven times for 70 yards, Washington six times for 29.

"Everybody reads the papers and now they probably think we're a cheap-shot team," Waters said. "But Coach {Buddy} Ryan doesn't teach that kind of football."

The only noticeable incident with Waters: a fourth-quarter hit on Earnest Byner, who rose and shoved Waters. "Byner tried to take a shot at me along the sideline, but I saw him and I was protecting myself," Waters said. "That's okay. That's football."