OAKLAND, OCT. 22 -- Cincinnati Reds outfielder Eric Davis, injured in the final game of the World Series, suffered a tear in his kidney that resulted in a loss of blood, his doctor said today.

Davis was in stable condition in intensive care at Merritt Hospital, said Robert Smith, who examined Davis.

The injury initially was said to be a severely bruised kidney, but a release issued by the Reds added Davis also suffered a kidney laceration. Surgery is not required.

"There's no need for a transfusion, and that's the important thing," Smith said. "He's doing extremely well. He'll probably recover completely sooner rather than later."

When asked the validity of a report that Davis lost two pints of blood because of the injury, Smith said, "That's a very small amount of blood." He declined to specify the amount of blood lost.

All tests have shown the kidney to be functioning properly. Smith said Davis will remain in bed for a few days. He will require prolonged bed rest and limited activity for several weeks.

Davis was placed in an intensive care unit Saturday night after injuring himself making a diving attempt at a catch in the first inning of Game 4. He finished the inning, then was replaced. Davis required help getting to the clubhouse, and had blood in his urine.