Quarterback Todd Marinovich of 21st-ranked Southern California has been suspended from Saturday's game against Arizona State for academic reasons, said Coach Larry Smith.

"About four weeks ago, I met with Todd and his family after receiving a report that he wasn't attending class," said Smith. "At that time we made an agreement that he would go to all his classes and we would monitor his attendance."

"We had an agreement that I wouldn't miss class anymore," said Marinovich, 21, a sophomore. "I didn't uphold that agreement, so I've got to suffer the consequences."

Senior Shane Foley will start for Marinovich, who will be reinstated this week if he meets his classroom commitment. . . .

Seven football officials who were suspended for mistakenly giving Colorado a fifth down against Missouri have been reinstated. The seven officials will not work together as a crew for the remainder of the season, according to John McClintock, supervisor of Big Eight officials.

The crew was suspended after the Oct. 6 Missouri-Colorado game in Columbia, Mo. Colorado was mistakenly given a fifth down on the final play and scored the go-ahead touchdown in a 33-31 victory. . . .

Rus Bradburd, who earlier this year quit UTEP to take a $45,000-a-year job as associate head coach at Ball State, has given up the new job to return to the Miners as a $12,000 part-time assistant to basketball coach Don Haskins.

While at UTEP the first time, a recruit alleged Bradburd violated NCAA rules. Bradburd denied the allegations. He left the Ball State job Thursday, citing personal reasons.