Maryland Athletic Director Andy Geiger reiterated yesterday that Gerry Gurney will continue to serve as the university's NCAA compliance officer until a decision is made whether to replace him with one person or to spread the responsibility among the staff.

"He will always be a compliance source," Geiger said of Gurney, who will begin to concentrate on his role as the head of Maryland's academic support unit.

The NCAA does not require universities to have a person designated as compliance officer, the person responsible for overseeing athletic recruiting and related areas as well as serving as liaison to the NCAA. Part of the problem in the decision is the $3.7 million deficit that Maryland is facing during the 1991 fiscal year, Geiger said.

"Where do you find the $60,000 to pay someone to do that in a department that doesn't have any money?" asked Geiger, who added that a search committee has been formed to look for a compliance officer, but another possible solution would be to give the responsibility to someone currently on staff.

"At Virginia, the compliance officer is the baseball coach," he said. "I'm not going to have a compliance bauble, where someone only sits around and acts on compliance issues. That eventually becomes an unhappy job."

That sentiment would be seconded by Gurney. Accused of causing friction with a number of coaches, Gurney argued that a compliance officer is often in a no-win situation.

"In that job there are no gray areas. There's only black and white: Is it a violation or isn't it?" said Gurney, who initiated the shift in his responsibilities. "So you do your job and you're the bad guy. After three years of that you just get tired. Any compliance officer feels like that." Down the Road

Maryland's quest for a winning season and bowl bid in 1990 has not been helped by finishing with four straight road games, and it will find itself in a similar situation next season.

The Terrapins are scheduled to play three of their last four on the road, the final home date Nov. 9 against Penn State. The question now is where that game will be played, at Byrd Stadium or Memorial Stadium in Baltimore.

"We've been trying to talk to Penn State, but it's about what their plans are with regards to the Big Ten {which the Nittany Lions will join next year}," Geiger said. "We also have to make room for {new ACC member} Florida State."

Maryland usually plays one of its home games at Memorial Stadium, but Geiger said no contract has been signed for next year. . . .

Gordon Burris, the executive director of the Maryland Education Fund, is leaving the school to become an assistant to the president at Virginia, effective Dec. 3. Second Career

One of the walk-ons trying out for a spot on the Maryland basketball team is former football player Dean Green. As a 6-foot-3, 200-pound wide receiver, Green caught 33 passes for 556 yards in his final two seasons of football eligibility. Completing his final year of classes, Green also served as a student assistant with this year's football team.