EMMITSBURG, MD., OCT. 24 -- Six does not go into five. Well, it does, but it's fractional. And the Washington Bullets deal in whole numbers when it comes to roster spots.

So the last three preseason games for the Bullets will be the last chance they get to look at the six guards they have in camp before cutting at least one. Veterans Darrell Walker and Steve Colter and second-round draft choice A.J. English don't have to worry. Haywoode Workman, Tony Harris and Larry Robinson do.

Coach Wes Unseld doesn't like singling out anyone during camp, and especially now. But the reality of the NBA is the reality of guaranteed money. The first three on the list above have it, and thus, barring something crazy, they're on the team. The other three are fighting for whatever they can get and they will get their chances Thursday night when the Bullets play Cleveland in Cincinnati's Riverfront Coliseum.

There will be more minutes available at point guard, because Walker won't play. The tendinitis in his Achilles' heel is acting up again and he is going to get more treatment in Washington. With Colter having to play off-guard because of Ledell Eackles's holdout, Workman is the only natural point guard left in camp. So English, Harris and Robinson all will play some at that position. It might make the difference.

"I've got to make a cut," Unseld said, "but right now I couldn't tell you any of them. All of them are right in there . . . we're going to give them a good look over this trip. They will get more time on this trip because of {Walker's injury}. It's a good opportunity for them."

Harris is the best athlete of the group, Robinson the best shooter, Workman the best ballhandler. Harris's numbers are best -- 56 percent shooting (28 of 50) from the floor in the six exhibitions and scrimmages, 14 points per game. But he has taken 11 more shots than Robinson (51 percent from the floor, 8.2 points a game), 19 more than Workman (38 percent, 6.3 ppg.). Workman's assists-turnovers ratio of 1.73 is best among the three.

Their task against Cleveland is to survive Mark Price, one of the league's best point guards, and veteran Craig Ehlo. Steve Kerr backs them up. Friday the Bullets face Brian Shaw and rookie sensation Dee Brown of the Celtics, and Saturday they play the 76ers' talented tandem of Johnny Dawkins and Hersey Hawkins in Montreal.

"I want to see more how they do against themselves," Unseld said. "We have so many new faces, I really want to see how we mesh together, how we can become the best team we could become."

Cleveland is struggling as well, but the Cavaliers are starting from a little better position with one of the league's deepest front courts. Brad Daugherty is averaging 15 points a game, John "Hot Rod" Williams 11. And Danny Ferry, whose rights were acquired from the Clippers last fall, is shooting just 40 percent (18 of 45) from the floor in five preseason games.

"Playing in Europe didn't hurt" Ferry, Cavaliers Coach Lenny Wilkens said, "but the only plus I see is the fact that he kept playing basketball. With the talent over here, he's playing guys his size who are just as quick. I feel he can play inside and outside. Right now I think he wants to fit in so well that he's passing up shots, and I want him to shoot the ball when he's open."

Bullets Notes: Eddie Sapir, Eackles's agent, said today there has been no movement in discussions on the holdout guard. Sapir and the Bullets have agreed not to discuss specifics with the media during negotiations.

Sapir did say, however, that he turned down new offers made last week by the Bullets that would have loaded the contract with more incentives. General Manager John Nash said the incentives would pay Eackles "significantly more money"; Sapir said the incentives were for making the all-star team.

"I can't intelligently tie my client's future to something that's out of his control," Sapir said. "It's fan voting. {Washington's} in a small market, with small attendance. Look at Karl Malone last year {who wasn't selected a first-team all-star}." . . .

Harvey Grant (sore hip) and Pervis Ellison (sprained ankle) are well enough to make the three-game trip this weekend. Tom Hammonds (strained tendon in left foot) and Walker (tendinitis) are not.