Don King, promoter of Mike Tyson, said there will be no rematch with Buster Douglas. "Absolutely not," King said, commenting on Douglas's loss of the heavyweight title to Evander Holyfield. Douglas knocked out Tyson in February. . . .

New champion Holyfield turned down a chance to appear on "Saturday Night Live" so he could be at the Alabama State-Alabama A&M game in Birmingham.

"I wouldn't have missed this for anything in the world," said Holyfield, whose younger brother, Mike Coley, plays for A&M. "I don't ever get to see him play. I had to be here."

Holyfield has been rediscovering his Alabama family. He didn't meet his father, Isom Coley, until 1984. Mike Coley is a senior defensive back and third Coley brother to play for Alabama A&M.

"I got there just in time to see Mike on the field before the game," Holyfield said. "He was pumped up. He told me, 'Evander, I'm going to play a game for you.' And he did. He's really good."

However: Holyfield left before his brother got called for pass interference in the end zone. Alabama State scored two plays later to win, 24-20.