SAN FRANCISCO, OCT. 28 -- Mike Cofer's 45-yard field goal with five seconds left today gave the San Francisco 49ers their 15th consecutive victory, 20-17, over the Cleveland Browns.

Joe Montana, after struggling in the second half, guided the 49ers 44 yards in seven plays to set up Cofer's kick. After getting possession at the San Francisco 28, a pass interference penalty against wide receiver Mike Sherrard pushed the 49ers back 10 yards before Montana got them going.

Montana, who had completed four of 16 passes for 31 yards in the second half before the winning drive, connected with Sherrard for 35 yards to the Cleveland 41. He then ran twice for three yards each and hit Jerry Rice for a five-yard gain with nine seconds left.

San Francisco (7-0) extended its winning streak -- which includes playoff games and dates to Nov. 19, 1989 -- with its ninth consecutive home victory by making up for Montana's ineffectiveness with a strong defensive effort.

Ronnie Lott recovered a fumble and intercepted a pass as the defense forced three turnovers and recorded four sacks.

The Browns (2-6) had two interceptions, capitalizing on the second to cut their deficit to 17-10 when Mike Pagel connected with Webster Slaughter for an 11-yard pass with 9:13 to play after Felix Wright picked off a pass at the 49ers 27.