In a season that will be a constant reminder of what has transpired in the past, the University of Maryland announced that it is filing a report with the NCAA on the violations that occurred before the start of the 1989-90 basketball season.

According to Athletic Director Andy Geiger, the report is a detailed account of the violations committed by Coach Gary Williams and his staff, who watched several unorganized pickup games before Oct. 15, the official starting date for practice.

Maryland delayed the start of practice this season for five days as a self-imposed sanction. However, it has not been determined whether the NCAA will deem that sufficient punishment. Geiger would not speculate on that yesterday.

"The report will be reviewed by the infractions committee at the end of next week and then we will hear from them as to whether they wish for us to appear at a subsequent meeting," Geiger said.

The Terrapins are banned from the 1991 and '92 NCAA tournaments and are prohibited from appearing on live television this season, a sanction that will keep them out of the 1991 ACC Tournament. The sanctions were handed down for violations committed during the three-year tenure of former coach Bob Wade.

Despite the penalties, Williams said that this season's team has worked harder than any other squad he has had in 19 years of coaching.

"It took us well into January last season before we got this kind of attitude," he said. "I don't know how good we can be, but we'll get better as the year goes on. We don't want any sympathy from anybody."

There are times however, when a homogeneous unit is not a good thing and Williams has been concerned during Maryland's early practices there had not been an overt separation of talent among his players.

Williams also has wondered about leadership. With the departure of Tony Massenburg, the team has only two seniors -- center Cedric Lewis, who has played irregularly, and transfer Matt Roe. They, along with junior Walt Williams, should emerge in that role.

"Right now, with all the new guys on the team, Coach Williams has to be considered the leader," Roe said. "But Walt's being more vocal and Cedric is taking the big men under his wing. I try to do it a little bit, but not with words but rather by example. I think that one of us, or all of us, has to come forward."