NEW YORK, OCT. 30 -- While he awaits the time and place -- still apparently uncertain -- for a more serious confrontation, Evander Holyfield is getting in some early jabs at George Foreman. Verbal jabs.

The usually dour Holyfield said today he was anxious to face Foreman -- so anxious, in fact, that he made jokes about Foreman's prodigious appetite.

"Everybody talks about his weight but George makes a joke about it and says he's going off to eat some more Baskin-Robbins ice cream," Holyfield said. "You push him, it's like pushing a franchise."

Dealing with a franchise-sized opponent would be nothing new for Holyfield, who knocked out 246-pound Buster Douglas to win the championship. Holyfield, in town to pick up the IBF championship belt, was disturbed over criticism of Douglas's performance.

Listening to the play-by-play of Holyfield's third-round knockout was a group that promoter Dan Duva called "the United Nations of boxing." Sprinkled around the room were representatives of rival casinos and cable networks, all angling for Holyfield's first defense.

"Look," Duva said, "there's Caesars over there, {people from} Trump over there. HBO and Showtime are standing next to each other."

Ex-champion Mike Tyson will have to wait until Holyfield defends against Foreman. "We'll have the details set within a week," Duva said of the Foreman fight. "It will be either Caesars {in Las Vegas} or Trump {Atlantic City} in March or April."

Duva denied a USA Today report that the fight already was set for Caesars Palace on April 19.