Ex-heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson won a unanimous decision yesterday when a jury in New York City decided he should pay no punitive damages for fondling a woman at a Manhattan disco.

The U.S. District Court jury of five women and one man deliberated less than an hour before deciding Tyson did not have to pay Sandra Miller additional damages. She had sought $2.5 million as punishment for the Dec. 10, 1988, incident at Bentley's Disco.

A day earlier, the jurors ordered Tyson to pay $100 in compensatory damages.

"I'm just happy they saw it as the truth," said Tyson, who denied the incident ever happened.

The jury ruled Wednesday that Tyson grabbed Miller's breasts and buttocks after she refused his advances. The finding that Tyson committed battery cleared the way for a determination of punitive damages.

Tyson has acknowledged that he was at Bentley's, but denies knowing or ever touching Miller, a 26-year old Queens computer operator.

In testimony Thursday, Tyson also denied grabbing another woman's buttocks that same night at the club.

Judge Michael B. Mukasey allowed Miller's attorney, Alan Clark, to present testimony about the other incident to show that Miller's claims were not isolated. The second woman, Lori Davis, testified that she felt someone clutch under her dress as she was dancing at Bentley's.

She said she turned and warned him not to do it again. "Then it dawned on me that it was Mike Tyson," she said. "He was grabbing my butt. I felt humiliated, violated, disgraced and petrified."

Davis, 31, a mental health therapist, has a $7 million lawsuit against Tyson pending in state court on Long Island. . . .

Six football players at San Jose State face misdemeanor criminal charges as the result of incidents at a nightclub at a nightclub in San Jose.

Guard Chad Hymel, linebackers Everett Lampkins and Lynell Mayo, wide receiver Gabe Smith and center Brian Woods were charged with assault and battery as result of a Sept. 30 brawl with bouncers. Safety Hesh Colar was arrested at the club last week on charges of resisting, delaying and obstructing an officer, disturbing the peace and trespassing on private property.