PERVIS ELLISON, 6-10, F/C, second year, Louisville

Has impressed in preseason despite injuries. Had 16 rebounds against Celtics. Shows excellent defensive instincts.

A.J. ENGLISH, 6-3, G, rookie, Virginia Union

Struggled early in preseason, but began to find his shooting form in the last few exhibition games.

GREG FOSTER, 6-11, F/C, rookie, Texas-El Paso

Had terrible first few days, but played much better in games. Came on strong near the end of camp, showing an ability to bang with big men.

BYRON IRVIN, 6-5, G, second year, Missouri

Acquired Wednesday from Sacramento for Steve Colter. Didn't play much for Kings because of bone chip in his left ankle. Will get an opportunity at wide-open off-guard spot.

LARRY ROBINSON, 6-5, G, rookie, Centenary

Quick pickup of system and excellent shooting in half-court offense won him a spot on the team after hot finish in preseason. Absence of Ledell Eackles puts him in the starting lineup.

HAYWOODE WORKMAN, 6-3, G, second year, Oral Roberts

Solid if unspectacular ballhandling -- only two turnovers in final 82 preseason minutes -- got him a spot. Showed ability to run passing game offense and provided steady play with Robinson.