ATLANTA, NOV. 3 -- Hundreds of Georgia Tech fans celebrated the victory over No. 1 Virginia by hitting the streets off campus tonight, setting off firecrackers and blocking traffic.

But motorists didn't seem to mind, sticking their arms out of car windows and giving students high-fives.

Police for the most part ignored the celebration until a bonfire was set at an intersection. A patrol car then stopped, and the officer got out and yelled: "This is stupid." When the patrol car left, the fire flared up again.

Tech's 41-38 victory over Virginia in Charlottesville, Va., today was a high-water mark for a team that has been mired in mediocrity -- or worse -- for more than a decade. The Yellow Jackets now are in position to win the ACC title.

Students outside Bobby Dodd Stadium chanted "ACC, ACC" and carried banners reading "We're No. 1 -- We're Going to a Bowl."

"I knew we were good, but I didn't know we could do that," said senior Danny Narey. "I'm glad for them."

Junior David Bergeron said, "I've never seen anything like this in the three years I've been here. When I first came up here, we won two games. We've just beaten the number one team in the nation."