COSLET FEUD: Jets Coach Bruce Coslet has had another run-in, this time with Cowboys DL Jim Jeffcoat.

Jeffcoat, complaining that the Jets were using cut-blocks, confronted Coslet in the tunnel leading to the locker rooms at halftime Sunday.

"I was walking into the halftime, looking at the play sheet, as I always do," Coslet said. "I didn't know who it was at first. He came up to me and started yelling. I didn't shout at the guy. All I said was, 'What do you want?' He caught me by surprise.

"Then he put his finger in my face. I said, 'Get your finger out of my face' and kept going. I really don't know what it was -- you'll have to ask him."

Jeffcoat said after the 24-9 loss that the Jets have a habit of using illegal blocks.

In his first year, Coslet has been fined for making an obscene gesture toward an official, gotten into a shouting match with a fan at Giants Stadium, and had run-ins with the media.

HAMEL RETURNS: Dallas T Mark Tuinei, who injured his right knee Sunday, will miss at least four weeks, Coach Jimmy Johnson said.

The Cowboys activated injured DL Dean Hamel and released DL Lester Brinkley.

BOUNCING BACK: Patriots QB Steve Grogan returned to work, feeling feeling better than expected after being knocked down six times in his 19 plays Sunday against Philadelphia. The 37-year-old left six minutes into the second quarter after pinching a nerve in his neck.

There is a possibility he will start again Sunday for the 1-7 team.

"I don't want him to break his neck . . . and jeopardize his life to try to win some games for us," wide receiver Irving Fryar said. "Things don't look real good for us for the rest of the season now, so I don't see any need for him to even step back on the field" this year.