Eddie Sapir, the agent for holdout guard Ledell Eackles, said yesterday he is willing to come down $400,000 to break the impasse over the Washington Bullets' latest contract proposal. That would leave the sides $400,000 apart on a two-year deal for Eackles, so Sapir obviously is hoping the Bullets will match his move and settle things.

Neither Sapir nor the Bullets will discuss a sum for the offer.

Eackles has been shuttling back and forth between his native New Orleans and Maryland in hopes of being here when a deal is completed. The latest trip came Thursday, after the two-year veteran spoke with club owner Abe Pollin. After nothing happened he went home.

Yesterday, Sapir indicated he was ready to make concessions.

"I'll meet {Pollin} halfway," he said. " . . . but Mr. Pollin has to be willing to come up some. If we . . . do that, we can get Ledell in there right away. . . . If Mr. Pollin and {General Manager John} Nash will work with us, I'll work with the ballclub."

The two-year deal Sapir wanted late last month would have paid Eackles only 25 percent more in the second year than in the first, as if the Bullets had extended a qualifying offer after a one-year deal. But management wants to pay him the same the second year as the first, and Sapir said he would be "willing to work with them on that."

Both Nash and Sapir have acknowledged that a deal is much nearer than when they began serious negotiations in October. They had been miles apart all summer, after Sapir opened with a four-year, $8 million demand and the Bullets countered with four years and $2.8 million.

"We're closer," Nash said. "But that doesn't mean you compromise your values or your principles. All that would happen is that in the next negotiation, the agent would go for the moon plus. I think the fact that no other team has entered the negotiations would indicate that the NBA feels we made a fair offer."

Sapir said: "I really think we've come a long way. . . . There will be a time {later} in Ledell's career when he's ready for the big one."