TOWSON, MD., NOV. 5 -- The campus senate of Towson State University voted unanimously today to delay a decision by at least two weeks on the suspension of the school's football program.

John Connolly, an English professor and chairman of the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee, was scheduled to make a recommendation to the senate to disband the school's Division I-AA football program next season in order to balance the $2.8 million athletic department budget that is funded 94 percent by student fees.

But after hearing rousing support from alumni, parents, students and other businessmen in the community at a four-hour forum Thursday, the IAC asked for another two weeks to draft a proposal.

"I expect within the next week or two to have a very carefully detailed plan spelling out precisely what it is that they {football supporters} intend to do and our committee will review that very carefully," Connolly told the committee.

The extra time eased some of the concerns of the program's supporters. "We're just going to sit different groups down and come up with a plan that we can re-submit," said Jack Patterson, a member of the Maryland Board of Regents. "But we'd like to stress that we're looking for the long range. We're not looking for a short term solution to this, because I don't think any of us, including the college, want to address this issue again anytime in the near future."

The 21-sport program is facing a projected $257,000 deficit at the end of the fiscal year.