H.D. Woodson, closing out its finest football season ever (10-0 and ranked seventh), is being investigated for having an ineligible player.

Interhigh League Athletic Director Sam Jones verified last night that as a result of a protest filed by Eastern High School, his office is looking into a possible violation by Woodson for using an overage student.

"Right now, nothing has been declared official. We are investigating a protest and we will probably not have a decision until Tuesday," Jones said. "The protest alleges the youngster is overage and he has played all season. If our investigation proves Woodson is in violation, they will probably have to forfeit all 10 victories and Coach {Bob} Headen could face some disciplinary action."

Sources confirm that the birth certificate of the student was mistakenly certified by school officials and turned in to the athletic office at the beginning of the school year.

Eastern Principal Ralph Neal said the matter is in the hands of the athletic office and that he could not comment. Headen also declined to comment and Jones would not reveal the student's name.

Headen, in his 27th season as a head coach, and Woodson were found in violation of league rules and had to forfeit games in 1980, '84 and '88.