CHICAGO, NOV. 11 -- Wendell Davis holds no grudges. All the third-year receiver did was go out and play the best game of his career today. He led the Chicago Bears over the Atlanta Falcons, 30-24 -- the fifth consecutive victory for the Bears (8-1) and the 15th straight road loss for the Falcons (3-6).

The war of words between cornerbacks Lemuel Stinson of the Bears and Deion Sanders of the Falcons picked up steam, however.

Davis had career highs of five receptions and 105 yards. He scored on an eight-yard pass from Jim Harbaugh and set up another touchdown with a 51-yard catch.

Harbaugh left the game injured midway in the fourth quarter after completing 14 of 28 passes for 195 yards. He said later the back of his neck hurt but he expects to be ready to play next Sunday.

"It was a good day, we did what we had to do," Davis said. "I didn't get into the talk thing. In fact, I shook hands with Sanders before the game. I came out to play football and not jaw."

Davis conceded that remarks by Falcons receiver Andre Rison earlier in the week that the Bears had the sorriest wide receivers he had seen was a motivating factor.

Stinson meanwhile intercepted two passes, as he had predicted, and said Sanders "knows who I am and he'll never forget me."

"Sometimes you talk to get pumped up," said Stinson, who added, "No. 21 {Sanders} has no class."

Stinson was angry because Sanders held him down on an onside kickoff and "wouldn't let me up. I'll say what I feel and I accomplished my goal."

Sanders conceded that Stinson achieved his goal but called him a "liar." Sanders said when he phoned Stinson during the week about remarks Stinson had made, "He denied everything to me and went out the next day and said everything {all over again}.

"He accomplished what he wanted," Sanders said. "He got you {media} to boost him in the papers. You don't use another man like that. You don't use another man to gain your confidence. You don't use another man to get the success you should earn on your own."

Rison caught an 11-yard touchdown pass in the closing seconds, giving him six catches for 47 yards, and said: "I believe the game had more hype than it was supposed to have. But that goes with the territory."

The Bears played an outstanding first half, then struggled after taking a 24-3 lead.

"We won, that's all I can say," Coach Mike Ditka said. "Stinson backed what he had to say to a degree but I hate to have people talk. We made mistakes in the kicking game and we have to work on that."

As to the talk, Atlanta Coach Jerry Glanville said: "If the Bears want to talk, that's fine. If our guys want to talk, the bottom line is if you talk, then you have to go out and you have to play good. You can't talk and go out and be a dog. I don't evaluate talk. I don't listen to it."

Stinson's first interception off Atlanta's Chris Miller came late in the first half, and the Bears turned it into the Harbaugh-Davis touchdown.

Vestee Jackson also intercepted Miller, returning 45 yards for a clinching touchdown with 1:28 to play. The point-after failed on a bad snap, and Chicago led by 30-17.

The Bears' defense, led by Richard Dent, held Atlanta to three first downs in the first half. Dent had two sacks, recovered a fumble, broke up a pass and harried Miller into throwing the Jackson interception.

"Richard tipped the ball and it fell right into my hands," said Jackson. "All I could see after that was the end zone."

For the first time in four games, the opposition scored before the Bears. Harbaugh fumbled on the Bears' second series, and Rick Bryan recovered on the Chicago 25. Three plays later, Greg Davis made a 36-yard field goal.

The Bears countered with a 21-yard field goal by Kevin Butler, then drove 55 yards to go ahead on Neal Anderson's eight-yard sweep.

Late in the first half, Stinson intercepted a Miller pass and Harbaugh directed a 63-yard drive, hitting Davis with three passes for 47 yards, the last for the touchdown and a 17-3 halftime lead.

On the second-half kickoff, a fight broke out and Atlanta linebacker Robert Lyles was ejected for coming off the bench.