D.C. Public Schools Athletic Director Sam Jones has recommended that H.D. Woodson forfeit the majority of its 11 football victories and that longtime coach Bob Headen be disciplined harshly because he used an ineligible player, Interhigh League sources said yesterday.

Jones's recommendations came after a protest by Eastern High School, which accused Woodson of playing a student who is overage. The protest alleged that Woodson allowed 5-foot-10, 280-pound senior defensive lineman Anthony Satterthwaite to participate when birth records showed he was born Nov. 7, 1970. A birth certificate that read Nov. 7, 1971, was submitted and certified by the Interhigh League athletic office in August.

Interhigh League rules state that a student cannot compete in athletics if he turns 19 before July 1 of that school year.

"Nothing has been declared official yet," Jones said last night. "We are still looking at some things. I turned in my recommendations to our legal people and they are looking at everything. We have had a hearing and our legal people have to look at what we have come up with. We do not want to have any legal repercussions because we failed to complete our findings. We should be completed by Friday."

Jones said he hoped to get the matter finalized and prepare for the Interhigh championship game.

Other sources indicated that Jones's recommendations met with some opposition in the office of School Superintendent Andrew Jenkins.

"Mr. Jones did his job. It's is up to the superintendent's office now," said one school official. "This is embarrassing for all of us and, with our league championship game coming up, we want to get this taken care of as quickly as possible."

Jenkins said Monday his office would work as quickly as possible to render a fair decision. He was unavailable for comment yesterday.

Woodson is 11-0 and ranked fifth in The Washington Post poll. Should the ruling go against Woodson, it would have to forfeit each game in which Satterthwaite participated. The Warriors also would lose their opportunity to play in the league championship game Thanksgiving morning at Howard University.

League sources say Headen, who was reprimanded in 1980, '84 and '88 for using ineligible players, could be suspended from all coaching duties for one to five years. Headen, who has been coaching 27 years, is also one of the area's most successful girls basketball coaches.

Ben Wilson, an attorney speaking for Headen, said last night that Headen did not knowingly or willingly play Satterthwaite or any other player this season that was ineligible.

"We deeply regret this incident but Bob did not violate any rules," Wilson said. "We don't know for a fact that he is ineligble now. Anthony came out for the team in the summer and brought a birth certificate that was not accepted by Headen. Two weeks later, he produced another birth certificate that was accepted by the athletic department. He was certified and we allowed him to play.

"He didn't even play the first game because Bob wouldn't allow him on the field until he was certified. He played in nine games and the eligibility question did not come up again until the day before the Carroll game," Wilson said. "Bob and the principal {Lucille Christian} questioned the young man and he said he was born in 1971. They then checked the school records and discovered the discrepancy. They informed the other school officials immediately. They didn't try to hide anything. Satterthwaite has not played or practiced since Nov. 5. In fact he has not been in school since that day.

Wilson would not say what steps would be taken should the ruling go against Headen but did not dismiss the possibility of filing a grievance or pursuing other legal avenues.

"We hope it doesn't come to that," Wilson said. "What we know is Bob did not commit any violations."

Eastern, beaten by Woodson, 21-0, would be declared the East Division champion (with an upgraded record of 8-2, 5-0) and play West Division champion Wilson (which beat Coolidge yesterday, 14-0) for the league crown.

Because of the investigation, Satterthwaite did not play in Woodson's last game, when the team beat Spingarn, 36-0. Woodson plays its final game against Phelps Saturday.

Woodson practiced yesterday in preparation for its final game. Eastern's players, anticipating an appearance in the title game, worked out in the weight room while coaches went to scout Wilson.

"They {Eastern} know they are in the championship game," one league source said. "It just has to declared official."