H.D. Woodson football coach Bob Headen and members of his team say they are more concerned about the whereabouts and well-being of senior Anthony Satterthwaite, the player who is the focus of an investigation by the league athletic office, than the possibility of forfeiting nine games and a probable berth in the Interhigh League title game

"Regardless of what is happening, Anthony is still a kid and he needs to come back to school," Headen said yesterday after a 90-minute workout by his team. "He hasn't been back since this started last Monday {Nov. 5}. I've tried to get in contact with him and can't. I know he feels bad, but the guys want him to come back, too. We have lost too many kids to the streets, and Anthony lives in a rough area. I just hope he calls me."

Headen said that since the investigation began last Friday, he has been going through the roughest stretch of his 27 years of coaching. He could be suspended from all coaching duties and his position as school athletic director.

"I've lost 15 pounds since this started," Headen said. "This has been a terrible burden on me and the kids. I know I haven't done anything wrong and that's the tough part. I can't understand why someone from Eastern would not have come to us and just told us we might be using an ineligible player. I've tried to stay focused since the Carroll game {Woodson won, 17-8, Nov. 4}, but it's been tough."

On the advice of his attorney, Headen said he did not wish to comment on the investigation.

The investigation began when Eastern High School filed a protest alleging Satterthwaite was over-age. A birth certificate that showed Satterthwaite's birthdate as Nov. 7, 1971, had been submitted and certified by the league athletic office. Later, another cerfificate was produced that showed the senior was born in 1970.

Sam Jones, the D.C. schools' athletic director, said yesterday the matter is still under investigation and a final decision would be made Friday. League sources said Jones already has recommended the team forfeit each game Satterthwaite participated in, and that Headen be disciplined, including a possible suspension.

Woodson's players said that despite the possible lost season, they are practicing just as hard as ever to win their final regular-season game against Phelps. The game was scheduled to be played today, but Phelps played Ballou Tuesday because of a postponement last week.

"As far as we are concerned, that's the game that will give us a 12-0 record and the East Division championship," said senior Marcus Stevens. "Regardless of what happens, no one can take that from us. We have no control over the situation. They will make a decision and that's that. No one has beaten us on the field, and if another team besides Woodson plays Wilson for the title Thanksgiving morning, that team will know they lost to us."