D.C. Interhigh League Athletic Director Sam Jones ruled yesterday that H.D. Woodson's undefeated football team will have to forfeit 10 wins because senior Anthony Satterthwaite was over the allowable age to be eligible.

"Based on my information, Satterthwaite was ineligible and I have no choice but to forfeit Woodson's first 10 victories," Jones said. "As of today, Eastern is declared the East Division champion and will play Wilson for the league title Thanksgiving morning at Howard University. Woodson has the right to appeal, but that is the official decision right now."

Jones said the possibility of disciplinary action being taken against Woodson Coach Bob Headen, Principal Lucille Christian and athletic adviser Charles Thomas still is being considered. League sources say Jones recommended severe disciplinary measures, including possible suspension from coaching for an indefinite period for Headen, and at least reprimands for Christian and Thomas.

"My recommendations have been sent in. I won't say what they are, but they are in the hands of our legal office," Jones said. "I can't comment further on that. I do stand by my original recommendations, though. We had hoped to have this entire matter concluded {Wednesday}. Hopefully, this will be over by today."

Headen said he was very disappointed by the decision. "I feel for my players that this had to happen," he said. "I don't know what to say to them today. They worked hard all season."

Satterthwaite said in an interview with WUSA-TV-9 last night that he lied about his age in hopes of getting a college scholarship.

"I knew the only way I could get to college was from a football scholarship," he said. "I feel bad I let everybody down because I know the guys worked so hard. This is not Coach Headen's fault because he didn't know anything about it. It was me."

"I plan to go back to school Monday and apologize to my teammates, Coach Headen and the students."

Headen declined to comment on possible sanctions against him. His attorney, Ben Wilson, said the ruling to forfeit the games was disappointing.

"It's unfortunate this situation developed and the young men who represented the school and worked so hard all year will not have the opportunity to play in the championship game," Wilson said. "As far as any possible sanctions against Bob, I can't comment on that yet. I will say again that Bob did not violate any rules or play any ineligible players."

Neither Wilson nor Headen would comment on whether they planned to appeal the suspension.

Woodson's most recent victory, over Spingarn on Friday, was allowed to stand because Satterthwaite already had been deactivated by the team because of a protest filed by Eastern.

Satterthwaite, a 5-foot-10, 280-pound senior, submitted a birth certificate showing he was born Nov. 7, 1971. Later, another birth certificate was discovered showing he was born in 1970.

Headen said he held Satterthwaite out of the first game because he did not accept the player's original birth certificate.

Two weeks later, Satterthwaite turned in another birth certificate that was certified by the league athletic office.

"Anthony did not come back to practice or play in our first game" against Theodore Roosevelt, Headen said. "When he returned, I was informed he was eligible and he started playing at that point. He played in our next nine games and did a good job. Unfortunately, he has not been back to school since this began and he needs to come back to school."

Several Eastern players informed their coach they went to elementary and junior high school with Satterthwaite and felt he was too old to be eligible. Eastern then filed a protest with the league athletic office last Friday.

Eastern Principal Ralph Neal said: "I met with our student body and explained to them the process of certification of eligibility for athletics. What we did was challenge the young man's eligibility and I explained the decision was in the hands of the athletic director" -- Jones.

"I feel very bad for Mrs. Christian and I want to issue a public apology to her. There was no wait-and-see period as far as determining if they had an ineligible player. The information did not reach me until Nov. 2 and I wrote the letter at that time. In retrospect, maybe I should have called her {Christian} on the phone and told her of my concerns. If I had to do it all over again, I would call her."

Eastern, which lost to Woodson, 21-0, will have its record upgraded to 8-2 overall and to 5-0 in the division. Wilson also will get a win because of the forfeit and will take an 8-1-1, 5-0 record into the title game.

Woodson's final regular season game against Phelps today was canceled. Special correspondent Bruce Speight contributed to this report.