EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J., NOV. 18 -- An announcement concerning the reinstatement of Washington Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley is expected today, despite reported concern that some paperwork from the John Lucas Center did not reach National Football League offices in time for Manley's meeting with Commissioner Paul Tagliabue last Friday.

Sources last night reiterated that Manley is likely to be reinstated after serving one year of a "lifetime" ban for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

However, Redskins sources said the team will release him right after his reinstatement, making him available to other NFL club free of charge. (Teams with the poorest records have first choice on waived players.)

NFL spokesmen said they knew nothing about a delay or missing paperwork. "As far as I know the decision will be made on Monday," said Joe Browne, the league's vice president of communications and development. "I don't think anything has changed."

Several sources said the missing information was minor and not vital to the process. The sources also said that the NFL now has all documentation.

Redskins sources said that as soon as they are notified that Manley has been reinstated, they'll tell him that he's being placed on waivers. There may not be a face-to-face meeting, although Manley said last week he'd like to meet with Coach Joe Gibbs "or whoever is making the decisions."

The Redskins also are expected to comment publicly on the matter for the first time.

They've said privately for several months that they don't want Manley back and listed several reasons.

They say that taking him back after he used drugs at a crucial point last season would send the wrong message to their players. In addition, team sources said Manley is not the player he once was -- and that even if he were still a great player, they wouldn't want him back because of his distracting behavior.

Manley and his Boston-based attorney, Bob Woolf, met with Tagliabue on Friday to apply for reinstatement. Manley, who has tested positive for substance abuse three times -- the last positive test was for cocaine use -- was banned "for life" from the league last November. A player can appeal a lifetime ban after one year.

The CBS pregame show, "The NFL Today," reported that Tagliabue's decision could be delayed beyond Monday because of missing information. But, sources said the information was minor and that the Houston-based clinic in which Manley received drug counseling was late supplying it to the NFL.

Said Jim Heffernan, director of public relations for the NFL: "There are all kinds of reports all the time. We stand by our statement."

Manley was reached at his home last night but did not want to comment. Woolf's associate, Randy Vataha, said neither he nor Woolf had been notified about a possible delay.

"We were told Monday was the day," Vataha said. "Don't you think they would have told us if there was going to be a delay?"

After Friday's meeting in New York, Manley admitted he was nervous but added he anxiously awaited Tagliabue's decision. "Of course I'm nervous," he said. "It's not a pleasant thing to come down here under these conditions. But I'm optimistic and we'll see what happens.

"What's most important is my recovery and my sobriety right now," Manley added. "That's the {biggest} problem I'm faced with and the thing I'm most concerned about. But I feel with my athletic ability and my desire to do the right thing I should be allowed to come back. Then I will get picked up and I will be an asset on and off the field."

Staff writer Richard Justice contributed to this report.