Maryland Athletic Director Andy Geiger and Joe Krivak met for more than three hours yesterday but no decision was reached regarding the football coach's future with the university.

"I want to go through another day or two to figure out what we're in accord with," said Geiger, who added the two will meet again today. "We haven't talked budget yet; I've only started to understand the recruiting process -- there is a wide spectrum of things to talk about that are difficult to sum up in three hours."

Asked specifically if he wanted Krivak to return as coach, Geiger said, "I think that's what this process is about, and vice versa: Does Joe Krivak want to be back?"

Krivak said through a team spokesman that he would have no comments about the meeting.

Saturday's 35-30 triumph over Virginia was the last game on the four-year contract Krivak signed in 1987. The 55-year-old coach had a 6-5 record this year, Maryland's first winning season in five years, and has an 18-25-1 career mark.

Geiger would not give details of yesterday's lengthy conversation. "I learned a lot about the program and the experiences {Krivak has} had from the perspective of his time in the program," he said. "My depth of understanding is better; I can't go any further than that because that's where we are."

Geiger said Sunday the meetings would include discussions on budgeting, recruiting, scheduling and academics. There also will be an exchange of ideas on the direction of the program in terms of style, which could affect attendance and support from fans and alumni throughout the state.

The style topic translates to Krivak's approach to the game, from pregame talks to play calling. Geiger also said Sunday he was particularly impressed with Krivak's bench coaching against Virginia. Maryland was successful on two fourth-down conversions during a touchdown drive, and another touchdown was set up by a 13-yard run from punt formation.

"The game was extremely well-managed and well-coached," he said. "I liked the aggressiveness -- I thought the program showed elan, there was sense of dash."

Yesterday however, Geiger said that while personalities will be a factor in his decision, he didn't "need to be dazzled" by Krivak in their talks.

"It's not that kind of thing," he said. "I don't think it's fair to say it's just an issue of style because it's more than that. There are lots of different management styles and personalities that I've worked with, and I'm sure Joe has worked with.

"I think there should at least be a modicum of agreement about it because really, you're talking about less of a boss-employee relationship and more of a partnership."

A number of Krivak's assistants worked in the football offices in Cole Field House yesterday, beginning the recruiting process as they would under normal circumstances.

According to one coach, there should be little question about the evaluation process. "If they don't know what they want, I'm not sure I'd care what's decided," he said. "If they don't recognize the job this group of coaches did, then maybe they don't deserve to have us. If we had this record in the Southeastern Conference against the schedule we played, they'd have a parade for us."

After last Saturday's victory, a number of the Maryland players were equally outspoken in support of Krivak.

"Of course he should be back; he's very much a player's coach," said senior quarterback Scott Zolak. "You can talk to him about anything, his door is always open. He's always been honest with us. He doesn't hide what he's thinking. If he has a problem he'll come right up to you to talk about it. Everything's right out in the open."

Said junior kicker Dan DeArmas: "Any coach that got us six wins through the 10th-toughest schedule in the country should be back -- and he's the one who got us through it. Coaching and learning to become a head coach takes time and he's done that. He's a legitimate Division I coach. He's gotten us over the hump -- from now on we're a new team."

John McCracken, one of Maryland's more significant athletic boosters, also provided a strong endorsement for Krivak yesterday. "They've got a good coach and a good man there right now. . . . I personally feel we're seeing some light at the end of the tunnel," said McCracken, vice president and general manager of Worthington Steel in Baltimore. "They've got Andy Geiger in place. They've got a good coach and they've got some players. Now it's just a matter of resolving some of these issues.

"I've told them I've supported Joe Krivak. I'm also for Andy Geiger. If he and Joe can get together, that's great. I know this: If I had a son who was going to play big-time football, Joe Krivak's the guy I want him playing for."