Maryland Athletic Director Andy Geiger and Joe Krivak met again yesterday and the football coach said he didn't expect a resolution of his contract status before next week.

"We've had some real good discussions; I don't think it will be much longer but I'm going away for Thanksgiving and won't be coming back before Sunday or Monday," Krivak said. "I don't think anything will happen before then."

Geiger said he "didn't know" when a decision would be made, adding that "it's possible" a resolution of the coach's status may wait until next week. He also added that the two men were scheduled to meet again today.

Krivak recently completed the final season of a four-year contract he signed in 1987. He has an 18-25-1 record, including 6-5 this season, his only winning mark since he took over.

Geiger would not comment yesterday beyond stating that his conversations with Krivak were along the same lines as the talks that took place Monday. The two met for more than three hours to discuss a number of issues, among them recruiting, academic standards, finances and football philosophy.

Krivak, who had no comment after Monday's meeting, seemed particularly up-beat yesterday, although he and Geiger said no decision had been reached about whether Krivak will continue to coach the Terps.

Asked if he wanted to return, Krivak said he would stand by his previous statements. Those have been sometimes contradictory, with him saying he wanted to make his program work at Maryland but that he could be satisfied doing something perhaps outside of football.

Yesterday Krivak dismissed talk that he is ready to resign to take a position in private industry. "Those are just rumors," he said. "There was one that my wife said she didn't want me to coach at Maryland anymore. That wasn't true. There are going to be all kinds of rumors, but they aren't true."

Krivak's attitude seemed different from last weekend, when he said he was tired and looking forward to taking some time off.

"It's amazing what a little rest will do for you," he said. "I'm going to eat a lot of turkey, and if the weather's good I may play a round of golf."

Meanwhile, Maryland senior linebacker Scott Whittier offered a vote of support for his coach.

"They should give him a new contract, and if there weren't any bowl seasons within four years then let him go," Whittier said. "But they should also give him the same {academic} standards that schools like Clemson and North Carolina State have for bringing in players."

"It's evident that we're running out of depth -- compared to the numbers we had when Bobby Ross was here. Since Krivak's first year we haven't gotten the horses like {defensive linemen} Larry Webster and Lubo Zizakovic -- the big, talented, prototype players."

Whittier insisted the fault wasn't with Krivak but with Maryland's upgraded academic standards.

Geiger said recently that while he's often heard that argument, that he isn't sure that anything can or will be done to change eligibility and admission standards. He also pointed out that Maryland beat then-No. 8 Virginia last Saturday with players who indeed qualified under Maryland's tougher guidelines.