The Washington Bullets and forward Bernard King have just about reached accord on a two-year extension of King's contract, according to sources.

The deal comes as King has rendered moot the organization's evaluation of his play: At age 33 he leads the NBA in scoring. His current two-year, $3.1 million extension will expire at the end of this season.

There have been negotiations between General Manager John Nash and attorney Bob Woolf for weeks, but they speeded up at the end of training camp. Club owner Abe Pollin met with King last weekend.

Woolf and Nash declined to comment.

King has strengthened his hand by turning in stunning performances just about night in and night out. He has scored 30 or more points in eight of the Bullets' 11 games this season, twice going past 40 points.

"Just a while ago, I was supposed to be going to Milwaukee," King said, referring to recent trade rumors. "There are rumors all the time. Some of them you can pay attention to, and others you can't. You just don't know which ones." He would not elaborate.

King's 30.2 points per game put him a fraction of a point ahead of San Antonio's David Robinson for the league lead. King, as a New York Knick, won the NBA scoring title in 1984. No player has ever gone five years and then won another one.

Although everyone in the building during games knows who Washington's only true scorer is, King has, with few exceptions, scored points in bunches. He's shooting .455 from the field, having taken 127 more shots than Harvey Grant, who is second on the club.

King was angered during training camp that the Bullets chose not to negotiate over the summer.

Nash said at the time that the organization had to look at Grant and Tom Hammonds to see if they could take up some of the load at small forward. Combined with King's lightning start, this led to constant trade rumors, but the Bullets steadfastly maintained they had no interest in dealing.

It's possible, but now extremely unlikely, that King could be traded. The new team would have to find room below the salary cap for his money. His age, 34 a week from now, likely discourages interest from expansion or rebuilding teams. And contenders wouldn't have draft picks early enough to interest the Bullets, though a contending team with enough surplus talent might be a different story.

All the news out of the Bullets wasn't good, however.

Coach Wes Unseld was visibly angered again with Ledell Eackles, who took an early exit from the morning practice at Bowie State University, citing stomach pains. Unseld had wanted to look at Eackles in a full-bore workout before activating the ex-holdout guard for tonight's home game against Golden State.

"He said he wasn't feeling well," Unseld said. "Neither do I. If he can't play, I'm not going to activate him. . . . He didn't work out {Sunday} either. I'm not getting frustrated, I'm getting {upset}. It's got nothing to do with frustration.

"Everybody's talking about me activating him. It's obvious he can help us with his play, but if he's not ready to play, it doesn't do him any good, it doesn't do this team any good."

Since signing a two-year, $1.4 million contract Nov. 12, Eackles has missed at least four practices. He sat down with Unseld last week in a closed-door meeting. The club placed him on the suspended list earlier in the month, and the league has given the Bullets unlimited leeway to decide when to activate him.

"I went over half of the practice," Eackles said, "but after that, my stomach wouldn't let me go any more. It's just weak right now. That's about it. I feel good but Coach has got the decision."

Eackles wouldn't say whether he's disappointed about not being activated. He did say that he weighed 224 pounds when he stepped on the scale yesterday morning, about four pounds more than the Bullets wanted him to be when they brought him back.

"Two twenty-five would have been all right," Eackles said. "If I hadn't gotten this little bug, I think I would have been there. But the day isn't over yet."

Eackles worked out later in the day with the Bullets' assistant coaches, but Unseld said he still wouldn't make any decisions until this morning at the earliest.

The likeliest candidates to give up a roster spot to Eackles are guard Larry Robinson or guard Byron Irvin. Robinson had been starting but was benched Saturday and didn't play. Unseld said he would continue with Haywoode Workman in the backcourt with Darrell Walker tonight.