CHICAGO, NOV. 28 -- Defen-sively, Pervis Ellison is becoming what the Washington Bullets always thought he could be -- a shot-blocker and intimidator who can stop up interior holes. But he's still hampered by a proclivity to foul that's limiting his playing time.

The Bullets would like to get him in the game more. He's grabbed 39 rebounds the last four games, and he blocked a career-high eight shots in a victory over Golden State Tuesday.

But until he hit eight of 15 from the field in tonight's one-sided loss to Chicago, he was shooting just .346 from the field.

"I'm missing a lot of shots," Ellison had said. "I'm not used to missing a lot of shots. But as the season progresses I think I'll be averaging more than 20 minutes per game."

Tonight he played 33 minutes.

The culprits are two: putting his hands on the offensive player down low, where he's getting whistled for fouls, and offensive fouls on screens set outside.

"He's stepping out late," Coach Wes Unseld said. "He's trying so hard to pick the guy that he doesn't realize that he's got to set the screen and let the guy run him off. Plus, the last one {against Golden State}, I thought they called it before it even happened." Eackles Waiting His Turn

Ledell Eackles' return to the lineup was good for the Bullets and better for his pocketbook. The guard was losing a little chunk of his $620,000 salary this season with each game he missed.

Eackles was expecting to start this season, but with Haywoode Workman and Darrell Walker showing chemistry in the backcourt -- and with his own physical condition not at a peak -- he's willing to wait his turn.

"They're playing well," Eackles said, before playing 26 minutes tonight. "The time's coming, when I get a little wind. I played a couple of games with Darrell last year. I'm not worried about a starting position right now. I'm just worried about getting some wins, doing whatever I can do to contribute to the team. Later on, I know I'll get the starting job one night."