SALT LAKE CITY, DEC. 3 -- Three Washington Bullets were fined a total of $7,500 by the NBA this afternoon for their part in a skirmish with five Detroit Pistons Saturday night. The five Pistons were fined a total of $3,500.

Instigating the bench-clearing shoving match cost Harvey Grant $4,000. Darrell Walker was levied $1,500 and rookie Greg Foster was tagged for $2,000 for leaving the bench.

Joe Dumars, with whom Grant squared off, was fined $1,000. Dennis Rodman was fined $1,500, James Edwards, Mark Aguirre and William Bedford $500 each.

"I think that's unfair," Grant said before tonight's game with the Utah Jazz. "I didn't think any punches were thrown. I knew there was some shoving and pushing."

"I didn't even get any shots in," Foster said.

The fight started late in the fourth quarter of the Bullets' 94-83 victory. After two free throws by Isiah Thomas, Grant and Dumars got into a shoving match near the Pistons' basket. Both benches emptied and even the head coaches got involved.

Technical fouls were assessed to Grant, Dumars, Rodman and Walker, who shoved Bill Laimbeer onto his backside, but all remained in the game.

The league is cracking down on fighting and pushing fouls. New Jersey's Jack Haley also was fined $2,500 today for leaving the bench in a fight between the Nets and Orlando last weekend. In all, 19 players have been fined a total of $21,750 in the last four days.

Grant recalled an incident with Larry Bird in Grant's rookie season.

"Me and Larry, we got into a fight," Grant said. "We threw punches and we got fined $1,500, $2,000. But they're trying to make the point that they aren't going to put up with any fighting. I agree with them."