SAN FRANCISCO, DEC. 4 -- The Washington Bullets swear there's nothing afoot, but it seems a little odd they would pay to bring injured guard Larry Robinson 3,000 miles west just to get in a practice or two.

Robinson went on the injured list with tendinitis Nov. 27 when Ledell Eackles was activated. He has sat out the required minimum of five games, meaning Washington can activate him at any time -- as long as someone else is cut, traded or put on the injured list.

"Maybe it means I'm going to play," Robinson said. "What do you think?"

"He's probably going to be ready to play before he comes back," General Manager John Nash said, adding the Bullets are working on no deals. "And if he has the chance to work out with the team before they get back, that's fine. The only person that's left around here is John Williams. We're going to have a couple of days off in L.A. before we play the Lakers, and hopefully he can practice then."

The league says Robinson can practice with the team -- for a while -- as long as he's making an earnest attempt to come back. Ultimate Warrior-Beater

Harvey Grant averaged 16.5 points against Golden State last season -- his highest average against any team. Last week he scored 22 points with nine rebounds against the Warriors.