On the free agent front, yesterday was the day for second-look free agents to begin negotiations. As part of the agreement reached on the collusion case this week between MLB and the Players Association, 15 players were granted free agency. Among them are Gary Gaetti of the Twins, Jack Clark of the Padres and Brett Butler of the Giants.

After a week in which 19 free agents were signed to contracts worth $121 million, the new look will be very lucrative for those three and the others, including pitchers Danny Darwin, Dave Smith and Jack Morris.

"We haven't had any calls yet, but I'm sure we will," said Jim Bronner, Gaetti's agent.

The other activities yesterday were some signings and 18 offers of arbitration. The Los Angeles Dodgers offered salary arbitration to pitcher Fernando Valenzuela and outfielders Juan Samuel and Mickey Hatcher. Yesterday was the deadline for teams to offer free agents arbitration. Players have until Dec. 19 to accept or reject the offers.

Former Twins infielder Fred Manrique signed a one-year, $325,000 contract with California. The Angels also offered salary arbitration to free agent infielder Donnie Hill and outfielder Max Venable.

The Texas Rangers did not offer arbitration to pitcher Charlie Hough, but did offer it to pitcher Craig McMurtry.