A grand jury refused to indict Patriots WR Irving Fryar for carrying a pistol in Rhode Island without a permit.

The Providence County grand jury also declined to indict William Earley, who was alleged to have assaulted Patriots WR Hart Lee Dykes during an early morning scuffle outside a Providence nightclub on Oct. 10.

Fryar said following the incident that he saw a bleeding Dykes on the ground outside the Club Shalimar, and "did what I felt I had to do."

Fryar, 28, said he got a handgun from his truck, put it in his boot and returned to the scene.

The police report said the crowd scattered when Fryar pointed the gun. But one of Fryar's attorneys, Michael Kevorkian, said the case hinged on Fryar's contention that he never took the gun out of his boot.

"The police would not have known he had it if he hadn't told them," Kevorkian said.

Providence police charged Fryar with carrying a pistol that is registered in Massachusetts but not in Rhode Island.

Someone with a valid permit from another state may legally transport a gun through Rhode Island, the attorney general's office said.

"He's taken a lot of blame on this," Kevorkian said. "He did what I think anyone else would have done in the situation."


QB Anthony Dilweg will make his third straight start for the Packers when they face the Seahawks at Milwaukee County Stadium Sunday.

Coach Lindy Infante said Don Majkowski is still not recovered from a bruised shoulder suffered Nov. 18. Majkowski did not participate in yesterday's workout. "It's still a wait-and-see thing, but I would say it's safe to assume that unless there is some kind of miraculous recovery overnight, he probably will not be able to play," Infante said.


TE Mark Bavaro of the Giants agreed to pay a reported $7,500 NFL fine, saying he lost his composure two weeks ago when he bumped an official.

The incident caused Bavaro to be ejected from New York's game against the Eagles.

"It was just an emotional time in the game," Bavaro said in his longest conversation with reporters since the 1986 Super Bowl. "It was a little overexuberant and the league found it in their best interest to fine me. I accept that and I'll continue on the rest of the year."

Neither Bavaro nor league spokesman Greg Aiello would disclose the amount of the fine. Two newspapers reported it was $7,500.


Buddy Ryan denies he and Dolphins Coach Don Shula have a bad relationship.

"That's something that's been talked about in the press," said Ryan. "I don't pay a lot of attention to it."

Ryan likely is exaggerating. Both coaches have been in the league for years, and Ryan's Eagles have played the Dolphins three times in preseason. The teams meet Sunday night at Joe Robbie Stadium.

Their most recent game four months ago fueled the feud. Ryan called a timeout with one second left to kick a meaningless field goal in a 23-14 Philadelphia victory.

Afterward an angry Shula said he would remember the incident. Later, he called the kick a "stick-in-your-face field goal." At a luncheon this week, Shula said Ryan "is not one of my favorite coaches."