H.D. Woodson football coach Bob Headen, whose unbeaten team had to forfeit 10 games and a berth in the D.C. Interhigh League championship game because of an ineligible player, was suspended from all coaching activities and his athletic director position for one year beginning Feb. 28. His teaching job is not affected.

D.C. Schools regional superintendent Thomas Harper, who rendered the suspension, said yesterday the Headen decision was a personnel matter that has been addressed and the appropriate action has been taken.

He declined to comment further.

League sources say Woodson Principal Lucille Christian also received some form of disciplinary action. Woodson athletic adviser Charles Thomas was not disciplined.

Headen, preparing his highly regarded girls basketball team for the upcoming season, said yesterday he was "disappointed at the ruling."

Headen's attorney, Benjamin Wilson, said the decision was inappropriate and he would file an appeal immediately.

The appeal will be sent to William Brown, who was appointed interim superintendent of schools when Andrew Jenkins was fired last month.

"I'm sure when {Brown} looks at the evidence, he will handle it fairly," Wilson said. "The rules state a suspension is warranted when a coach knowingly or willingly violates the rules. Anthony Satterthwaite admitted that the birth certificate he submitted was done without Bob's knowing. Therefore, Bob did not violate any rules and should not have been sanctioned at all. There is no evidence Bob did anything wrong."

Headen has been suspended on one previous occasion and three of his prior teams have been forced to forfeit games due to using ineligible players. Sources said it had been recommended that Headen be suspended for three years this time.

"I think it is a tragedy to take a year from a man who has done so much for so many kids in this area," said Wilson. "Bob did not hide any information, he cooperated fully and his team had to forfeit games. I know the feeling was he would get about three years and, despite dropping from three to one, it's still totally inappropriate."

Headen, who has coached at Woodson since the school opened in 1970, was suspended for the last two weeks of the 1988 football season and the entire girls basketball season for a similar violation.

Sources say Harper delayed the suspension mainly because Headen had begun working with his basketball team and had scheduled several out of town games and tournaments against national competition. Harper was said to be concerned about the athletes being put into disarray.

Ironically, should Woodson, the favorite to repeat as league champion, earn a return trip to the girls city title game (Woodson won the inaugural event last year), Headen would not be allowed to coach.

The title game has been scheduled for March 2 at Catholic University, two days after Headen's suspension takes affect.

Interhigh League Athletic Director Sam Jones, who sources said had recommended a three-year suspension for Headen and sanctions against both Christian and Thomas, said last night he had no comment on the action taken.

Satterthwaite, a senior, turned 20 Nov. 7. He said he submitted a falsified birth certificate at the beginning of the season because of a desire to play football and hopefully earn a college scholarship.

Eastern High School challenged Satterthwaite's eligibility. He was eventually declared ineligible and the games were ordered forfeited.

Eastern, which lost its only divisional game to Woodson, 21-0, was declared the division champion and played Wilson in the title game. Eastern won, 12-6.

Satterthwaite, who stopped going to school Nov. 5 because he said he was ashamed at what happened, returned to school last Monday. He has maintained that Headen had no knowledge of the falsified birth certificate and should not be disciplined.

The senior said his return to school was met with mixed reaction.

"It was about what I expected. Some hugs and kisses, some people said some {bad} things to me," Satterthwaite said. "My friends are still my friends. I'll be okay."