Pete Rose says he wants to start a new life in Florida after he is released from prison next month and performs his court-ordered period of community service. He says he wants to open a restaurant and possibly work as a sportscaster.

Rose granted Cincinnati's WLWT-TV a rare interview Friday at the federal prison camp in Illinois where he is serving a five-month sentence for tax offenses.

"I just want to pay my dues. I don't want any special privileges and then I want to get on with my life," Rose was quoted as saying.

Rose said his intention is to move to Boca Raton, Fla., when he finishes performing his 1,000 hours of community service in Cincinnati, the television station reported. Rose, who was banned from baseball in 1989 for gambling, repeated his assertion that he deserves a place in the baseball Hall of Fame.

WLWT-TV's Jerry Springer said he interviewed Rose in the prison camp's cafeteria for two hours. Prison officials do not allow cameras or tape recorders on the grounds. Springer said Rose is physically fit and in good spirits, and that he appears to have lost about 10 pounds.